Saturday, August 14, 2010


I haven't updated this blog in FOREVER! Since graduation, maybe? Life has been insane, and I know that I never post these kinds of things, but I figured I would just give an update to the 24 of you who follow my "cooking" blog!

I'm engaged! Planning the wedding has been SO much fun so far! We have the church, the date, the reception site, the party, the photographer, the DJ, and now the dress! It's way super fun...almost as much fun as thinking about life AFTER the wedding! And, of course, with the engagement comes engagement parties, where the food has been awesome! BBQ, an AMAZING cake that my cousin made for us, grilling kebabs, lots of drinking, and LOTS of cheese. Not exactly helping with the whole wedding day diet thing!

I'm coming into the last 2 weeks of working at Adventure Theatre. Not too much foodie stuff going on there, although we do like to bake for each other!! And my boss made us some awesome, authentic Mexican food at her potluck.

I'll be starting my job as a receptionist at Bish and Haffey along with starting grad school on August 30th. Again, nothing too exciting in relation to food there...other than the fact that I'll be able to afford some!

Oh, and I went on a trans-atlantic cruise and had, literally, all of the best food of my life. Escargot is my new #1.

More recipes to come, I promise! Although, this may start to turn into more of an adventure in DC eating/wedding planning blog. We'll see!


  1. sweet!! that's a tall cake? what are the round things on the edge of the cake? are you sharing recipes still? how about some of that Mexican food?? from your co worker?

  2. There were blueberries and cherries around the outside. And as far as recipes go...I haven't really been cooking at all! Maybe since I've been in the area for 3 months, I can now start finding time to cook! Alison and my Aunt Rose are just such talented cooks that I never want to do it myself!