Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Allergies! Ah!

I'd like to start off this post by saying that my favorite food in the whole world is fried chicken. I'm obsessed with chocolate lava cake. I want to open my own bakery someday. Sushi is my friend. I love dogs. Apples are delicious. I could eat cheese all day, every day. Etc, etc, etc.

Also...I just found out that I'm allergic to all of those things.

I had an allergist appointment today, just to confirm my self-diagnosed fish allergy (got it right...my arm BLEW UP when he tested, like, 5 different kinds of fish on it). I had also mentioned a few other concerning things, and he just decided to test a bunch of different foods on me.

OMG. I was SO not prepared for the results. Apparently, I am TOTALLY allergic to fish and dogs. Sad day...but it's also not going to stop me from having a dog or two later on. Sorry 'bout it. But what really surprised me was all of the things to which I'm mildly allergic. Milk, apples, yeast, onions, chicken, and chocolate.

Chicken?! CHICKEN?!? CHICKEN?!?!?

How is someone allergic to chicken?!?

I mean, all I want to know is this; HOW AM I NOT DEAD!? If I'm supposedly allergic to all of these things...whatevs. For now, I'm just going to monitor when I eat these things and see how my body reacts. If it seems like I need to cut something out, I will.

But mark my words, Dr. Simpson. If you EVER try to tell me that I can't eat fried chicken, you WILL have an irate, Southern woman in your office.

So you can run and tell THAT!....homeboy!

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