Sunday, September 5, 2010

Baked Panko Chicken Tenders

John and I made this awesome recipe last night from Love and Olive Oil (who I am now following on my cool, fancy Google Reader, because I'm all 20-something and hip!) It was wonderfully light and surprisingly flavorful! I had always been under the impression that unless chicken was marinated, it would taste like paper. Not so! We used rice flour instead of regular flour, regular instead of smoked paprika, and crushed red chili flakes instead of cayenne (still trying to learn my way around my aunt's kitchen!). John also made some fries, and a spicy habanero mustard sauce to go with it! Yum! (but, please note that I did not say Yum-O!...because I'm in protest of that phrase).

I wish I had taken a picture. Actually, I wish I had taken a picture every step of the way and made funny comments on it, like my favorite blogger Ree Drummond does on The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Seriously, if you're not following her, you should be. She's super funny, super talented, and is into so much more than just cooking! AKA- I'm jealous of her photography skills!

But hey! I actually cooked, which hasn't happened in a long time! Hopefully this be a more regular occurrence?

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