Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Tobacco Company and Legend Brewing Company

I fully plan on blogging like a maniac ASAP...things have just been crazy lately! Lots of applications, shows, rehearsals, spring break, boyfriends (OK...just one boyfriend!), families, etc. the meantime, I thought I'd blog about our trip to The Tobacco Company. Mom, Dad, John, and I went here for dinner before seeing Wicked this past Thursday. Don't let their Cheers-esque website fool you...The Tobacco Company is class all the way. John and I, after doing the Canal Walk, got there around 5:00 for drinks (for John: Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, for me: Legend Brown Ale...more on that later). Then mom and dad got there, and we all sat down to eat. 1 delicious basket of bread later, we had our wine (me: Canyon Ridge Chardonnay, John: another Dogfish Head...Mom and Dad ??), and our food. I got the Linguini Cioppino (scallops, mussels, clams, and shrimp in a spicy red sauce), John got the crabcakes and...wait for it...GRITS! Mom got the wedge salad and bbq shrimp and crawfish (I think?), and dad got the shrimp bisque and a spinach salad. Everything was FABULOUS! My only complaint? They didn't have Parm for the pasta! Seriously, though, it was awesome, and no wonder why it's such a Richmond staple.

YESTERDAY, after a failed attempt to get to Mass at the Cathedral on time (VCU...your parking sucks), John and I headed to Legend Brewing Company in what I can only imagine is the industrial section of Richmond? I'd never been was across the water in the OPPOSITE direction from Chesterfield, soooo, never been there. We found it, however, and started off with the beer sampler, substituting the Lager and Pilsner (yuck-o) with their seasonals, a tripel and their "hopfest". Also in there was the brown ale I'd had at TTC, a golden ale, and a pale ale. The conclusion? Brown ale was kinda weak/malty (which I don't like), pale ale was also somewhat weak/too malty (the waitress said it was balanced, buuuut I think pale ale should be a bit more hoppy), and the golden ale was juuust right. Tripel was...well...a belgian, so I couldn stand it, but wouldn't order it again (I just don't really like that clovey after-taste), and the hopfest was pretty darn hoppy. I ordered another pint of the Golden, and John ordered another Hopfest. That, plus two pretzels, hummus plate, and spinach artichoke dip = a pretty darn good lunch! Food was OK...hummus was weak. Would go back...but only after Lent so I could get a burger with my beer!

Coming Soon: Actual recipes/cooking more apologies!


  1. We got Michael's parents tickets to the Thursday showing of Wicked! I wonder if your mom saw them!

    and gf, I know you've got boyfriends lining up the block

  2. AND Michael went to the Legend Brewery on Wednesday night for the first time. That area of Richmond is called Manchester (or Old Manchester, but mostly Manchester) and has become the place to live if you're a hipster with any street cred. They live in old warehouses and stuff and complain about the system.

    And I also really like the fact that you traded in Mass for beer. OK comment spam ended.