Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cuchi Guidos and Fake-Detox Diet Week!

Well, my roommate Corey and I finally went to Cuchi Guidos for dinner tonight. First of all, I was kinda grossed out that I had to say both the words "cuchi" (and yes, in case you were wondering, there is in fact a poster which says "Everyone needs a little cuchi" in the actual restaurant) and "guidos" in the same sentence (or, really, having to say them at all).

In honor of Sunday (AKA- my break from Lent, AKA- I get to eat meat day!), I ordered a philly cheesesteak (and also because they claim to have authentic philly cheesesteaks). Not gonna lie...I was kinda disappointed. The meat was not great, the bread was OK, and the sauteed onions and peppers were not all that sauteed, and not all that peppery (couldn't find one?). The potato chips it came with were like the ones you get at Top Dog on campus....which I'm not a fan of. Sooo, overall, D+ on the food.

Corey said that he liked his pizza, though, so maybe I'll get that when I go back (if I go back).

ALSO! I'm doing a somewhat detox this week (clearly, starting tomorrow. I don't think that Philly Cheesesteaks are on ANYONE'S detox list!). It's a "healthy" detox I saw in my Glamour magazine. It looks like LESS of a detox (AKA scary Master Cleanse Lemonade Death Diet), and MORE like just eating healthy. SO, I went to Martin's (which, by the way, I found out is buying out Ukrops...sad day. Must stock up on White House Rolls while I can!), and did my shopping for the week! Greek yogurt, frozen fruit, milk, eggs, hummus, avocado, black beans, sweet potatoes, low carb/high fiber tortillas, sprouts, spinach, and apples. Basically, this is what I'm thinking:

Breakfast Options:
-Greek yogurt, frozen fruit, and a little bit of honey
-Oatmeal, fruit, cinnamon, and a little bit of honey (maaaaaaybe peanut butter?)

-Hummus and veggie wrap

-Southwest black bean sweet potato

Welcome to my menu for the week! I'm actually pretty doesn't seem painful at all! (And PS, totally tried the Master Cleanse this summer...lasted for abouuuuuut 23 hours. Also tried the cabbage soup diet. I just don't think I like starving myself? I mean....I have a food blog).

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