Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best Restaurants in Harrisonburg

Going off of the "My Favorite and Least Favorite Things" post, I decided to post on my favorite (and maybe least favorite) restaurants in Harrisonburg (chains included).

Clementine: So yeah, it's a trendy little place, and it could easily have been just skin deep, but the food here seriously delivers! I've only been here twice, both times with John (first on our first date, and then again a couple weeks ago). I can't really say much about the first experience, just because I was kind of focusing on other things....but this last time was wonderful! The servers are perfect, the atmosphere is artsy, but warm and inviting (certainly not exclusive), and the FOOD! The food is what brings people back. I got the spinach salad with grilled shrimp on top. There was a piece of fried goat cheese on top, which was incredible mixed with the warm balsamic dressing, prosciutto, and marinated tomatoes. This is a great place to go to with friends, family, or on a date! And I can't WAIT to go here after I turn 21! A hibiscus gin blossom? Yes please!

Little Grill Collective: This hippie place makes up in food for what it lacks in atmosphere. The staff is super nice (if not under-staffed), but the restaurant itself is super small (sometimes way TOO small) and, well, kind of dirty. But don't let that dissuade you! The food here is AMAZING! The menu itself is so much fun! I think that veggies and meat-eaters alike can definitely find something they'll adore. I highly recommend the tempeh reuben sandwich.

Great Wok: Take out Chinese to the max! It's, like, $8 for soup, rice, an egg roll, and an entree. I've only ever gotten the General Tso's chicken, which is a perfect midnight meal. They're quick and delicious, and just perfect for Harrisonburg Chinese take out.

Cinnamon Bear: This cafe/bakery/deli is super cute and unique. It's pretty on the inside, the staff is super friendly, and the menu is fun! I would suggest either the Breakfast in a Wrap or the California Sunrise (bagel, cream cheese, spinach, egg, red onion, and thai hot sauce...maybe some other stuff?). The sandwiches are great as well! I got a special called the International, and it was something like smokey turkey and brie on foccacia. And, of course, the cinnamon rolls are to die for. Good coffee too!

Dave's Taverna: Taverna Burger. That is all that needs to be said.

Taste of Thai: I'm newly obsessed with Thai food. Taste of Thai is pretty cute...but could be cuter. The food, though, makes up for it. The pad thai is HUGE and delicious, but the Yum Woon Sen is to die for! The sauce is just so light and the noodles are fun and tasty! I've never seen it busy, but I know that people like to go there...soooo, I guess it's popular?

Klines: Of course. Klines is by far the best ice cream I've ever had. I always get vanilla. Well, actually this past week I got the cookies and cream, and it was really good (the cookies were actually crunchy and crispy, but soggy like you usually get)...but the vanilla is just so damn good! Also, I had a sip of my friends malted pumpkin milkshake...and it was like november exploded in my mouth.

Chanellos: I've only ever had Chanellos post my judgement might be off, but come on...the cheesy bread with the ranch sometimes just hits the spot. Don't bother getting pizza, though. I mean, it might be good...but why wouldn't you get cheesy bread?

Greenberry's: I don't actually LOVE Greenberry's coffee drinks (except for their black coffee, which is far superior to Starbucks). I find them to be unoriginal and just copies of whatevers on the menu at Sbucks. They're on here, however, because the food is great! The spinach feta croissant is a great breakfast or snack. And I've heard that they're soups and sandwiches are great too!

Jalisco: Simply for the amazing cole slaw they bring out with the chips and salsa.

That's about it. Of course Cally's, The Artful Dodger, and a couple of other places are great, these are just my favorites. I really want to go to some of the more local diners and BBQ places!

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