Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Welcome to Study Bake!

Well, for those 26 of you who follow my blog, you may notice that things have changed. I've taken a huge step in my technology awareness pursuit by actually purchasing my own URL from the mysterious Internet gods (AKA Danica Patrick).

I've also changed the purpose and, therefore, the name of this blog. I've been inspired lately by my friends, and sometimes by strangers, blogs.

1) Having your own URL looks so tight.

2) Having a blog of just recipes, while helpful when trying to remember what I made last year, is not quite cutting it for me anymore.

3) Having been graduated from undergrad for 7 months now has afforded me ample time to acquire ample experiences about which to blog.

Of course, I can't forget my blogging past. So, this blog will now be a hybrid of "listen to this hilarious thing that happened to me yesterday" and "I made this yesterday".

So, welcome to Study Bake! A collection of graduate school experiences interspersed with culinary adventures, with some inevitable sidetracks into the world of wedding planning, arts administration, and who knows...maybe I'll even throw in some advice for you aspiring receptionists out there (I'm looking at you Greg Belts Daily).

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