Saturday, October 2, 2010

Chipotle Chili

We are studying and cooking today! And by studying and cooking, I mean cooking and studying on breaks only. Such as right now, while our chili comes to room temp. We made this Bobby Flay recipe:

We haven't made the crema or relish yet...that'll happen later when it's dinner time. I feel terrible...I've only been using other people's recipes lately. But seeing as I don't have a kitchen of my own right now, it really is more efficient to use someone else's recipe. (Don't ask me how that logic works, it just does).

Anyways, that chili is already smelling DELICIOUS, and I so cannot wait to have a bowl of it this evening with some salsa cornbread and a nice, cold beer while we catch up on Outsourced from this Thursday.

PS-Has anyone watched Outsourced? It premiered last Thursday, after The Office, and I LOVE IT! I'm kind of shocked at how many racial jokes they got away with (like telling the Indians that their turbans and sari's sure are some funny hats)...but they made up for it (I think?) by making fun of American consumerism (I mean...who needs a singing bass?)

((SIDE NOTE: John would never let us register for one, but a certain 1/2 of this relationship might think it was really funny if we got one as a wedding present! Not to name names or would go in our bathroom, FO SHO, though!)).

SO, while that chili is cooling down, I'm working on my profile for my Seminar class. I so cannot wait for dinner tonight!

Happy eating!

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  1. LOL! Jeff and I had one of those... we put it up out back by the pool at our last house.
    The pool was as garden of assorted ticky-tacky crafts and widgets. Including the singing fish.