Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow-garitas! case you haven't heard, it snowed about a mile this weekend in Harrisonburg! So, we've been stuck inside, watching Harry Potter and Sex in the City all weekend long! Corey, Christie, and I decided to prepare before the storm and stock up on ingredients to make snow-garitas (that's right...margaritas made from snow). Here you go!


3 oz. tequila (2 shots)
3 oz. margarita mix (2 shots)
Enough snow to fill your margarita glass 3x


Dip rim of glass in water and then in salt to rim. Fill margarita glass will snow. Pour in tequila, and stir. Add more snow. Pour in margarita mix. Add more snow. Stir and add snow until it is the consistency you want! You MAY need to add more mix or tequila...but this worked for us!

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