Thursday, May 12, 2011

Partially Paleo

John and I have been inspired by my dear friend, Elliott (check out his blog here: Paleocity) Now...we are not at all Paleos, but we have taken some of the Paleo principles into our diets such as:

Loooooow carbs: We've been doing a super low carb to no carb breakfast (I've been having eggs for breakfast for the past 2 weeks), a no-carb lunch (big chicken salads), and a super low carb dinner (or no carb, if I'm feeling up to it).

High protein: So yeah, we've been replacing those carbs with a LOT of protein. I used to like to have at least 1 vegetarian meal per day, but by cutting out carbs I was getting SUPER hungry. So I load up on protein and veggies during every meal.

Low-no sugar: We both drink black coffee, and so this wasn't very hard. We aren't really sugar-nuts, but we have been more mindful of what sugar we are consuming.

High fat: John has been doing this more than I have, although I will have a slightly fatty breakfast, which has been really helping me to feel full during the day. Not so much with dinner Elliott would say, I still have lipophobia.

AAAAAAND here is where we are not following the Paleo diet:

Carbs: I mean, we still eat them, just in very small portions. Mine are mostly coming from fruit and small amounts of bread/grains we'll have with a meal.

Alcohol: Look. I'm just not willing to give up drinking.

Dairy: We still have cheese if we're having a happy hour or occasionally on a salad or meat, but this has been cut back quite a bit!

Caffeine: I still drink coffee, tea, Diet Coke, etc. We have cut back to half-caf....and I've cut back to only 1 caffinated beverage per day. I think I read in Elliott's blog that water is the only thing you should be drinking. See "Alcohol" above for my feelings on that.

So, how is it working? Well, first all of, I no longer get tired after lunch like these guys:

Also, I'm shrinking? My weight hasn't gone down too much (though it has a little bit!), but what I've noticed most is that I'm losing inches like crazy! So, that's tight. 

It's definitely an easy lifestyle change. It's really easy to stick to...I don't feel like I need to cook something different just for myself; I can just adjust my carb to protein to vegetable portions. AND, what I love most, is I don't feel super guilty or like I blew it if I go to a party or have a fun happy hour. My body doesn't freak out, and I just get back on track the next day.

Definitely check out Elliott's blog. He has some really great insights to the Paleo lifestyle and he's just super interesting in general!

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