Sunday, January 16, 2011

48 Hour Vegetarian

Yup....I was accidentally a vegetarian for about 48 hours, and I ate pretty damn well! The highlights:

Breakfast: #1 irish oatmeal, almond milk, almond butter, dried cranberries, raw honey and cinnamon. I die.

Breakfast #2: goats milk yogurt, berry medley, blueberry museli

Lunch #1: salad with sesame sauteed tofu and Trader Joe's Goddess Dressing (my fave-sies)

Lunch #2: smoothie of almond milk, frozen berries, apple, orange, and cranberries.

Dinner #1: mojito, chips, salsa, guac, and garden veggie fajitas with salsa verde and creme fraiche

Dinner #2: hummus, pita, merlot, farfalle with butter and basil, salad, and William Sonoma's vermouth chicken

Oops, that last one doesn't count. It doesn't matter though. If you can get your hands on the William Sonoma Chicken Cookbook, PLEASE make the vermouth chicken recipe. Except, please do NOT sauté that chicken in 3 tbsp. of butter. That is just way too much....1 tbsp. was fine for me!

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